Colorado Theatre History

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Denver has seen the birthplace of several theatre companies who serve and include members of our community who have disabilities. Building on the success of their programs, these companies have witnessed a wonderful outgrowth of their continuing efforts. Many of the mainstream theatres now offer: audio described devices for patrons who are blind or have low vision, devices that enhance the audio for patrons who are hard of hearing, better accessibility/mobility into theatre venues, shadowed theatre performances for the deaf/hard of hearing, and sensory-sensitive performances for those patrons who may experience hyper-sensitivity in their everyday lives (such as some people with autism).

There are also theatre companies that actively invite members of the disabled community to perform in their productions. These companies include: PHAMALY Theatre Company (founded in 1989), Magic Moments, Inc.(founded in 1984), and in more recent years the CenterStage Theatre Company's Tapestry (all-abilities) Theatre Troupe which has its home in Louisville.

About Shadowed Performances: The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities for many years has provided shadowed theatre performances where actors trained in American Sign Language (ASL) perform alongside an actor on stage following their movements (as their "shadows") and who convey the emotions of the character as well, giving the hard of hearing audience member the opportunity to have the same theatre experience as that of other patrons.