Over the years there have been several children’s theater programs in Colorado that have thrilled and inspired young theater goers to grow into becoming longtime theater patrons. Some were educational touring programs presenting shows and workshops in a school setting. Some programs were presented on theater stages both large and small, supported by colleges, theater venues and other businesses.

Among the longest running and most popular of the Children’s Theater programs in the Denver area was the Bonfils Theatre for Children, which performed on Saturdays for over 30 years. Children’s productions ran in repertory with adult productions; the staff changed the sets and lighting for each show – often on the same day of the performance.

The Denver Children’s Theatre at the Shwayder Theatre (later the Wolf Theatre) in the Mizel Arts and Culture Center of the Jewish Community Center ran for over 20 years, hosting field trips from schools and presenting fully produced plays and workshops.

Let’s have some enthusiastic applause for those dedicated organizations who saw the value in presenting the theater arts for children!

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