BoBan’s was a small room initially used as a rehearsal space in the theater. The coatroom that had served the lower lobby was no longer in use, so the wall between it and the rehearsal space was removed to make an “L” shaped room, just large enough to hold an audience of about 100.

In February of 1975, Henry Lowenstein produced a small original musical by J. Bernard Clark, “Bits of Junk” as a trial for the intimate venue. A couple of independent producers brought in shows that year, as well. In fall of 1976, the first full season of Bonfils productions were introduced as a separate season ticket for the theater. The Cabaret went on to host a total of 44 Bonfils productions between 1975 and the theater’s closure in 1985.

The cabaret was named for long-time beloved director Bob Bannister, who died suddenly from a heart attack in September, 1975. While the loss was a shock to Bonfils staff, having his name on the cabaret was a comfort to all who knew him.

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List of BoBan’s Cabaret productions

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74-75Sun, Feb 23, 1975Bits Of JunkBob Bannister
76-77Fri, Sep 10, 1976What’s A Nice Country Like You Doing  In A State Like This?Bev Newcomb
76-77Eat Your Heart OutBev Newcomb
76-77Joie De VivreBetsy Maxwell
77-78Fri, Sep 23, 1977Hark!Bev Newcomb
77-78Fri, May 05, 1978By StrouseBob Wells
77-78Talk ShowBev Newcomb
77-78The Me Nobody KnowsBuddy Butler
78-79Fri, Sep 15, 1978The ClubBev Newcomb
78-79Fri, Nov 10, 1978Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And  Living In ParisBonnie Eckard
78-79Fri, Jan 12, 1979Sizwe Banzi Is DeadBuddy Butler
78-79Fri, Jan 12, 1979The IslandBuddy Butler
78-79Fri, Mar 16, 1979Hold Me!Bob Wells
79-80Tue, Oct 16, 1979The MandrakeBob Wells
79-80Fri, Nov 16, 1979VanitiesBev Newcomb
79-80Fri, Jan 11, 1980In The House Of BluesBuddy Butler
79-802 By 5 PlusBev Newcomb
79-80The Ascent Of Mt. FujiSusan Ross
80-81Fri, Sep 05, 1980New Faces Of I980Bev Newcomb
80-81Fri, Nov 07, 1980Piano BarBob Wells
80-81Fri, Jan 16, 1981Isadora Duncan Sleeps With The Russian NavyBob Wells
80-81Fri, Mar 20, 1981Paul RobesonBuddy Butler
80-81Fri, May 01, 1981The FantasticksBev Newcomb
81-82Fri, Sep 18, 1981RemembranceBuddy Butler
81-82Sat, Dec 12, 1981Sorrows Of StephenBob Wells
81-82Fri, Jan 15, 1982Trixie True, Teen DetectiveBev Newcomb
81-82Fri, Mar 05, 1982HomeBuddy Butler
81-82Fri, Apr 16, 1982ColeBev Newcomb
82-83Thu, Sep 16, 1982Ain’t MisbehavinRichard Maltby Jr
82-83Thu, Nov 11, 1982Coming AttractionsBob Wells
82-83Thu, Jan 13, 1983Waiting For The ParadeBev Newcomb
82-83Thu, Mar 10, 1983WallenbergBob Wells
82-83Thu, May 19, 1983March Of The FalsettosBob Wells
83-84Fri, Sep 16, 1983I’m Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The RoadBev Newcomb
83-84Fri, Nov 11, 1983Dracula: The MusicalBuddy Butler
83-84Fri, Jan 20, 1984Status Quo VadisBob Wells
83-84Fri, Apr 06, 1984Blues At SunriseBuddy Butler
83-84Fri, May 18, 1984Beyond TherapyBob Wells
84-85Fri, Sep 07, 1984They’re Playing Our SongBuddy Butler
84-85Fri, Nov 09, 1984What’s A Nice Country Like You STILL Doing In A State Like This?Bev Newcomb
84-85Sun, Jan 13, 1985Bubbling Brown SugarBuddy Butler
84-85Fri, Mar 15, 1985Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For YouBob Wells
84-85Fri, Mar 15, 1985The Actors NightmareBob Wells
84-85Sat, Sep 14, 1985The Gilded CageBob Wells

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