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Production shots and programs from the 1950’s (22 images):

Production shots and programs from the 1960’s (61 images):

Production Shots and programs from the 1970’s (164 images)

Production Shots and programs from the 1980’s (205 images)

List of Bonfils Children’s Productions

54-55Sat, Oct 02, 1954Toad Of Toad HallJoanne Healy
54-55Sat, Nov 13, 1954The BluebirdMargaret Perry
54-55Sat, Jan 15, 1955The Thirteen ClocksAnne Matlack
54-55Sat, Mar 26, 1955The Tinker’s TrickWilliam Utter
55-56Sat, Oct 22, 1955RumpelstiltskinArthur Steinits
55-56Sat, Feb 11, 1956Jack And The BeanstalkHelen Barrack
55-56Sat, Apr 07, 1956Aladdin And His Wonderful LampHelen Barrack
55-56The Magic SlipperHelen Chancellor
56-57Sat, Nov 03, 1956Snowwhite And The Seven DwarfsJim Edson
56-57Sat, Dec 15, 1956Hansel And GretelJim Edson
56-57Sat, Feb 09, 1957The Pied Piper Of HamlinJim Edson
56-57Sat, Mar 16, 1957The Red ShoesJim Edson
57-58Fri, Nov 01, 1957Beauty And The BeastAlexander Ivo
57-58Fri, Jan 03, 1958The Steadfast Tin SoldierJim Edson
57-58Sat, Mar 15, 1958The Clown Who Ran AwayTom Neet
57-58Sat, Apr 26, 1958Tom Sawyer’s Treasure HuntTom Neet
58-59Sat, Nov 01, 1958The Marvellous Story Of Puss In BootsTom Neet
58-59Sat, Nov 22, 1958Cathy And The Watersprites 
58-59Sat, Nov 22, 1958The King’s CreampuffsTom Neet
58-59Sat, Feb 14, 1959The Musicians Of BremenTom Neet
58-59Sat, Mar 21, 1959Mr. Dooley Jr.Tom Neet
59-60Sat, Oct 31, 1959The Sleeping Beauty Of LorelandThomas Mossman
59-60Sat, Nov 21, 1959Circus In The WindThomas Mossman
59-60Sat, Jan 30, 1960RumpelstiltskinThomas Mossman
59-60Sat, Mar 12, 1960The Elves And The ShoemakerThomas Mossman
59-60Sat, Mar 12, 1960The Hood Of Forgetfulness 
60-61Sat, Nov 05, 1960The Princess And The Swine HerdJudith Kase Davenport
60-61Mon, Nov 28, 1960The Three BearsJudith Kase Davenport
60-61Sat, Feb 04, 1961The Cat PrincessJudith Kase Davenport
60-61Sat, Mar 18, 1961Snowwhite And The Seven DwarfsJudith Kase Davenport
61-62Sat, Sep 30, 1961Aladdin And His Wonderful LampJack Fisher
61-62Sat, Nov 04, 1961Jack FrostAlexander Ivo
61-62Sat, Nov 04, 1961The Hood Of ForgetfulnessLarry Boyette
61-62Thu, Dec 28, 1961The Clown Out WestRoss Hancock
61-62Sat, Feb 03, 1962The Snowqueen And The GoblinRoss Hancock
62-63Sat, Nov 03, 1962The Mystery RocketRoss Hancock
62-63Sat, Jan 05, 1963Robin HoodRoss Hancock
62-63Sat, Feb 09, 1963Hansel And GretelBob Davis
62-63Sat, Mar 16, 1963Toby TylerBob Davis
63-64Sat, Nov 02, 1963My Sister The DragonBob Bannister
63-64Sat, Dec 14, 1963The Red ShoesBob Bannister
63-64Sat, Jan 25, 1964Circus In The WindBob Bannister
63-64Sat, Mar 14, 1964The Inside Out AdventureBob Bannister
64-65Sat, Oct 31, 1964King Arthur’s SwordBob Bannister
64-65Fri, Jan 08, 1965Winnie The PoohBob Bannister
64-65Sat, Feb 13, 1965The Emperor’s New ClothesBob Bannister
64-65Sat, Mar 20, 1965The Clown Who Ran AwayBob Bannister
65-66Sat, Oct 30, 1965The Marvellous Story Of Puss In BootsBob Bannister
65-66Thu, Nov 11, 1965Jack And The Bean StalkBob Bannister
65-66Sat, Mar 19, 1966The Canterville GhostBob Bannister
65-66Sat, Apr 02, 1966The Rabbit Who Wanted Red WingsBob Bannister
66-67Sat, Nov 05, 1966Beauty And The BeastBob Bannister
66-67Sat, Dec 10, 1966The Three BearsBob Bannister
66-67Sat, Feb 04, 1967Five In A ForestBob Bannister
66-67Sat, Mar 18, 1967The Wrong Mother GooseBob Bannister
67-68Sat, Oct 07, 1967The Mystery RocketDick Chauncey
67-68Sat, Nov 18, 1967The Sleeping Beauty Of LorelandDick Chauncey
67-68Sat, Jan 20, 1968The Cat PrincessDick Chauncey
67-68Wed, May 15, 1968Center Ring Ballet And Harkee The CatFreidann Parker/dick Chauncey
68-69Sat, Sep 14, 1968Maggie’s Magic TeapotDick Chauncey
68-69Sat, Nov 09, 1968Circus In The WindDick Chauncey
68-69Sat, Mar 01, 1969The Inside Out AdventureDick Chauncey
68-69Sat, Mar 15, 1969The Thwarting Of Baron BolligrewDick Chauncey
69-70Sat, Nov 22, 1969Winnie The PoohBev Newcomb
69-70Sat, Jan 31, 1970Alice In WonderlandDick Chauncey
69-70Sun, Mar 01, 1970Pippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
69-70Sat, Apr 25, 1970The Red ShoesDick Chauncey
70-71Sat, Sep 19, 1970The Wizard Of OzBev Newcomb
70-71Sat, Oct 24, 1970PinocchioDick Chauncey
70-71Sat, Feb 06, 1971The Wrong Mother GooseBob Bannister
70-71Sat, Apr 03, 1971Benji And The Magic PawnshopBev Newcomb
71-72Fri, Nov 26, 1971Peter PanBev Newcomb
71-72Sat, Jan 08, 1972Snow White And The Seven DwarfsDick Chauncey
71-72Sat, Feb 12, 1972The Invisible PeopleBev Newcomb
71-72Sat, Mar 11, 1972King Arthur’s SwordDick Chauncey
71-72Thu, May 04, 1972The Student PrinceBob Bannister
72-73Sat, Nov 04, 1972Tom SawyerBev Newcomb
72-73Sat, Jan 06, 1973Pippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
72-73Sat, Feb 03, 1973Five In A ForestGary Montgomery
72-73Sat, Mar 10, 1973A.Sop’s Fables And How The Toes GoesFreidann Parker/ Bev Newcomb
72-73Sat, Apr 07, 1973A Horse Of A Diff’rent ColorBev Newcomb
73-74Sat, Oct 27, 1973Winnie The PoohBev Newcomb
73-74Sat, Jan 12, 1974Tarradiddle TalesBev Newcomb & M’el Reum
73-74Sat, Feb 09, 1974Rip Van WinkleBev Newcomb
73-74Sat, Mar 09, 1974Jack In The BeanstalkBev Newcomb
73-74Thu, May 09, 1974The Red MillBob Bannister
74-75Fri, Jul 26, 1974The Owl And The PussycatBob Bannister
74-75Sat, Oct 19, 1974Golliwhoppers!Bev Newcomb
74-75Sat, Nov 23, 1974The Three BearsBev Newcomb
74-75Sat, Feb 01, 1975The Wizard Of OzTom Hughes
74-75Sat, Mar 01, 1975The Thirteen ClocksTom Hughes
75-76Sat, Nov 01, 1975Beauty And The BeastTom Hughes
75-76Sat, Jan 17, 1976Dandie DoodlesBev Newcomb
75-76Sat, Jan 17, 1976Puppet MelodramaMel Reum
75-76Sat, Mar 06, 1976The Cat PrincessTom Hughes
75-76Sat, Apr 03, 1976What’s Afoot?Freidann Parker
75-76Sat, Apr 10, 1976Rapunzel And The DragonBev Newcomb
76-77Tue, Jun 01, 1976Theatre Classes Start 
76-77Sat, Oct 30, 1976PinocchioBonnie Eckard
76-77Sat, Jan 22, 1977The Red ShoesMichael Holden
76-77Sat, Feb 26, 1977RitaHarriet Lawyer Duvallo/ Bonnie Eckard
76-77Sat, Feb 26, 1977Skupper-DuppersBonnie Eckart
76-77Sat, Apr 09, 1977The Golden Grotto, or Bracko, The Prince FrogMichael Holden
77-78Sat, Nov 12, 1977HeidiBev Newcomb
77-78Sat, Jan 28, 1978The Ice WolfBonnie Eckard
77-78Sat, Feb 18, 1978Aladdin McfaddinAlan Deans
77-78Sat, Apr 08, 1978Niccolo And NicoletteBonnie Eckard
78-79Sat, Oct 07, 1978Hans Christian AndersenBev Newcomb
78-79Sat, Jan 27, 1979Noah And The Great AukAlan Deans
78-79Sat, Mar 03, 1979Pippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
78-79Sat, Apr 14, 1979The Mystery RocketAlan Deans
79-80Sat, Sep 15, 1979You’re A Good Man, Charlie BrownAustin O’Toole
79-80Sat, Oct 27, 1979The OvercoatBonnie Eckard
79-80Sat, Dec 08, 1979Golliwhoppers!Bev Newcomb
79-80Sat, May 03, 1980Wiley And The Hairy ManBuddy Butler
80-81Sat, Oct 18, 1980The DragonMaria Carrera
80-81Sat, Dec 06, 1980Cinderella And FriendsBev Newcomb
80-81Sat, Jan 31, 1981Lester And His Magic BookAustin O’Toole
80-81Sat, Mar 28, 1981The Round-Eyed RumpelstiltskinBob Wells
81-82Sat, Sep 19, 1981Willa, The Dropout WitchBev Newcomb
81-82Sat, Nov 07, 1981The Lion, The Witch, And The WardrobeBuddy Butler
81-82Sat, Feb 06, 1982Beauty And The BeastEarl Sennett
81-82Sat, Mar 27, 1982It Happened In HamelinBob Wells
82-83Sat, Nov 20, 1982Nobody Loves A DragonBuddy Butler
82-83Sat, Jan 22, 1983The Incredible Jungle Journey Of Fenda MariaBuddy Butler
82-83Sat, Mar 12, 1983The Red ShoesBev Newcomb
82-83Sun, Oct 02, 1983Alice In WonderlandBob Wells
83-84Sun, Oct 02, 1983Oz: Land Of MagicBuddy Butler
83-84Sat, Jan 28, 1984Peter And The WolfKhadija Haynes
83-84Sat, Jan 28, 1984The Inside Out AdventureKhadija Haynes
83-84Sat, Mar 03, 1984The Lost Half-HourBob Wells
83-84Sat, Apr 14, 1984The Magic Pebble GangBev Newcomb
84-85Sat, Oct 20, 1984PinocchioBev Newcomb
84-85Sat, Jan 26, 1985Tales Of The Arabian NightsBuddy Butler
84-85Sat, Feb 23, 1985Pippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
84-85Sat, Apr 20, 1985The Adventures Of Tom SawyerBev Newcomb
85-86Sat, Oct 05, 1985HeidiBev Newcomb
85-86Thu, Dec 05, 1985A Christmas CarolBob Wells
85-86Sat, Jan 18, 1986Puss ‘n BootsBuddy Butler
85-86Sat, Mar 01, 1986The Invisible PeopleBev Newcomb
85-86Sat, May 03, 1986Treasure IslandBob Wells

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