The Main Stage at BT was host to an amazing history of great shows mounted by the theater, as well as some pretty cool rental and touring company visits. City Center Acting Company (later The Acting Company) led by John Houseman and featuring actors such as Patty Lupone, William Hurt, David Ogden Stiers and Mercedes Reuhl was one example. The Royal Shakespeare Company brought “Love’s Labors Lost” and “He That Plays The King” to the BT stage, featuring such well-known actors as Ian Richardson, Tony Church and Susan Fleetwood (sister to famed musician Mick Fleetwood).

Many wonderful community performers donated their time to stand on a stage that was surrounded with professional staff who provided top-notch sets, props, costumes, lighting and sound. While not all shows were a smashing success, many were favorably reviewed and well attended. It was a unique platform for amateurs to hone their skills in the best possible environment. From the opening performance of “Green Grow the Lilacs” in 1953 to the closing of “A Christmas Carol” in 1985, there were 231 Main Stage productions.

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Production shots and programs from the 1950’s (618 images):

Production shots and programs from the 1960’s (1394 images):

Production Shots and programs from the 1970’s (1649 images)

Production Shots and programs from the 1980’s (162 images)

List of Bonfils Mainstage Productions

Titles listed in green are linked to the lightbox with the first image we have of that show

53-54Wed, Oct 14, 1953Green Grow The LilacsAlexander Ivo
53-54Thu, Nov 12, 1953Portrait In BlackAlexander Ivo
53-54Thu, Jan 14, 1954I Remember Mama 
53-54Thu, Feb 11, 1954Tobias And The AngelAlexander Ivo
53-54Thu, Mar 11, 1954GigiAlexander Ivo
53-54Thu, Apr 15, 1954The Moon Is BlueAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Oct 14, 1954The Love Of Four ColonelsAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Nov 18, 1954Affairs Of StateAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Jan 20, 1955Life With MotherAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Feb 17, 1955Bell, Book And CandleAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Mar 17, 1955The Winslow BoyAlexander Ivo
54-55Thu, Apr 21, 1955Time Out For GingerAlexander Ivo
55-56Mon, Jun 13, 1955Harvey With Joe E. BrownBradford Hatton
55-56Thu, Nov 17, 1955The Remarkable Mr PennypackerAlexander Ivo
55-56Thu, Jan 19, 1956PicnicAlexander Ivo
55-56Thu, Feb 16, 1956The Two Mrs. CarrollsAlexander Ivo
55-56Thu, Mar 15, 1956The RainmakerAlexander Ivo
55-56Thu, Apr 19, 1956The Importance Of Being EarnestAlexander Ivo
55-56Thu, May 17, 1956The Frogs Of SpringAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, Oct 18, 1956Father Of The BrideAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, Nov 29, 1956The InnocentsAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, Jan 17, 1957As You Like ItAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, Feb 21, 1957Mrs. Gibbons BoysAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, Apr 04, 1957Ladies Of The JuryAlexander Ivo
56-57Thu, May 09, 1957RobertaAlexander Ivo
57-58Thu, Oct 17, 1957The Solid Gold CadillacAlexander Ivo
57-58Wed, Dec 04, 1957Will Success Spoil Rock HunterAlexander Ivo
57-58Thu, Jan 16, 1958The MousetrapAlexander Ivo
57-58Wed, Feb 19, 1958Inherit The WindAlexander Ivo
57-58Thu, Apr 10, 1958The Loud Red PatrickAlexander Ivo
57-58Sat, May 03, 1958The Pajama GameAlexander Ivo
58-59Thu, Oct 09, 1958No Time For SergeantsAlexander Ivo
58-59Thu, Dec 04, 1958Cat on a Hot Tin RoofAlexander Ivo
58-59Thu, Jan 15, 1959Will Any GentlemanAlexander Ivo
58-59Thu, Feb 26, 1959Missouri LegendAlexander Ivo
58-59Thu, Apr 02, 1959The Happiest MillionaireAlexander Ivo
58-59Fri, May 15, 1959Guys And DollsAlexander Ivo
59-60Thu, Oct 01, 1959Who Was That Lady I Saw You With?Alexander Ivo
59-60Thu, Dec 03, 1959Sailor BewareAlexander Ivo
59-60Sun, Jan 03, 1960A Touch Of The PoetAlexander Ivo
59-60Thu, Feb 18, 1960Kind SirAlexander Ivo
59-60Thu, Mar 24, 1960Dial M For MurderAlexander Ivo
59-60Tue, May 03, 1960Kiss Me KateAlexander Ivo
60-61Fri, Sep 30, 1960Make A MillionAlexander Ivo
60-61Fri, Sep 30, 1960The Grass Is GreenerAlexander Ivo
60-61Mon, Jan 30, 1961Not In The BookAlexander Ivo
60-61Fri, Feb 03, 1961Another Part Of The ForestAlexander Ivo
60-61Sun, Apr 02, 1961Maybe TuesdayAlexander Ivo
60-61Tue, May 02, 1961The Most Happy FellaAlexander Ivo
61-62Mon, Jan 30, 1961The Devil’s AdvocateAlexander Ivo
61-62Mon, Oct 02, 1961Watch It SailorAlexander Ivo
61-62Sat, Dec 02, 1961The Deadly GameAlexander Ivo
61-62Sat, Feb 03, 1962Glad TidingsAlexander Ivo
61-62Fri, Mar 02, 1962The Little FoxesAlexander Ivo
61-62Wed, May 02, 1962Pal JoeyAlexander Ivo
62-63Tue, Oct 02, 1962Everybody Loves OpalHarry Geldard
62-63Fri, Nov 02, 1962I Killed The CountHarry Geldard
62-63Thu, Jan 03, 1963Roar Like A DoveHarry Geldard
62-63Fri, Feb 01, 1963All The Way HomeHarry Geldard
62-63Fri, Mar 01, 1963Blood Sweat And Stanley PooleHarry Geldard
62-63Wed, May 01, 1963Wonderful TownHarry Geldard
63-64Mon, Sep 16, 1963Emily GriffithHarry Geldard
63-64Tue, Oct 01, 1963Dear DelinquentAlexander Ivo
63-64Fri, Nov 01, 1963The Dark At The Top Of The StairsAlexander Ivo
63-64Wed, Jan 01, 1964Sunday In New YorkAlexander Ivo
63-64Sat, Feb 01, 1964Death of a SalesmanHarry Geldard
63-64Wed, Apr 01, 1964Hocus PocusHarry Geldard
63-64Fri, May 01, 1964Sail AwayHarry Geldard
64-65Thu, Oct 01, 1964Calculated RiskDr. Edwin L Levy
64-65Thu, Oct 01, 1964The Ponder HeartDr. Edwin L Levy
64-65Fri, Jan 01, 1965GideonDr. Edwin L Levy
64-65Mon, Feb 01, 1965Holiday For LoversDr. Edwin L Levy
64-65Thu, Apr 01, 1965Come Back, Little ShebaDr. Edwin L Levy
64-65Sat, May 01, 1965Bells Are RingingDr. Edwin L Levy
65-66Thu, Oct 07, 1965Enter LaughingHarry Geldard
65-66Mon, Nov 01, 1965Love’s A LuxuryHarry Geldard
65-66Sat, Jan 01, 1966Dark of the MoonHarry Geldard
65-66Tue, Feb 01, 1966Boeing BoeingHarry Geldard
65-66Thu, Mar 31, 1966The Desperate HoursHarry Geldard
65-66Thu, May 12, 1966Anything GoesHarry Geldard
66-67Sat, Oct 01, 1966Poor RichardHarry Geldard
66-67Tue, Nov 01, 1966Life With FatherHarry Geldard
66-67Sun, Jan 01, 1967A Case Of LibelHarry Geldard
66-67Wed, Feb 01, 1967A Rainy Day In NewarkHarry Geldard
66-67Wed, Mar 01, 1967Catch Me If You CanHarry Geldard
66-67Mon, May 01, 1967Silk StockingsBob Bannister
67-68Thu, Oct 12, 1967Finian’s RainbowBob Bannister
67-68Wed, Nov 01, 1967The ManBob Bannister
67-68Fri, Dec 01, 1967Emlyn Williams As Dylan Thomas Growing Up 
67-68Thu, Jan 04, 1968The Private Ear And The Public EyeJim Edson
67-68Fri, Feb 02, 1968Come Blow Your HornBob Bannister
67-68Sat, Mar 23, 1968A Raisin In The SunBob Bannister
67-68Mon, Apr 01, 1968A Delicate BalanceJim Edson
67-68Wed, May 01, 1968Critic’s ChoiceBob Bannister
68-69Fri, Sep 06, 1968GypsyBob Bannister
68-69Fri, Oct 18, 1968A Far CountryBob Bannister
68-69Fri, Nov 15, 1968A Servant Of Two MastersBob Bannister
68-69Fri, Jan 10, 1969Night Of The IguanaJim Edson
68-69Fri, Feb 14, 1969Barefoot In The ParkBob Bannister
68-69Fri, Mar 14, 1969The Tiger And The TypistsBob Bannister
68-69Thu, Apr 10, 1969Hogan’s GoatJim Edson
68-69Sat, May 10, 1969The Impossible YearsBob Bannister
69-70Thu, Oct 09, 1969How To Succeed In Business Without Really TryingBob Bannister
69-70Thu, Nov 06, 1969SummertreeRobert Downing
69-70Thu, Dec 04, 1969Under The Yum Yum TreeBob Bannister
69-70Thu, Jan 08, 1970Tiger Tiger Burning BrightBob Bannister
69-70Thu, Feb 05, 1970I Remember MamaRobert Downing
69-70Thu, Feb 26, 1970The Royal Hunt Of The SunBob Bannister
69-70Thu, Apr 02, 1970The Odd CoupleRobert Downing
69-70Thu, May 07, 1970CelebrationBob Bannister
70-71Fri, Sep 18, 1970Around The World In 80 DaysBob Bannister
70-71Fri, Oct 16, 1970Sheep On The RunwayBarry Lorie
70-71Thu, Nov 12, 1970The Time Of Your LifeKendrick A. Wilson
70-71Fri, Jan 08, 1971Ceremonies In Dark Old MenBob Bannister
70-71Fri, Feb 05, 1971Emlyn Williams As Charles Dickens 
70-71Fri, Mar 05, 1971The Boys In The BandDr Edwin L. Levy
70-71Fri, Apr 02, 1971The Cactus FlowerBob Bannister
70-71Fri, May 07, 1971The Prime Of Miss Jean BrodieGary Montgomery
70-71Fri, Jun 04, 1971Your Own ThingBob Bannister
71-72Fri, Oct 01, 1971Fiddler On The RoofBob Bannister
71-72Thu, Nov 04, 1971The Night Thoreau Spent In JailGary Montgomery
71-72Thu, Jan 13, 1972Any WednesdayBob Bannister
71-72Thu, Feb 17, 1972Hadrian The SeventhGary Montgomery
71-72Fri, Mar 03, 1972Adaptation – NextBob Bannister
71-72Thu, Apr 06, 1972Taming Of The ShrewJohn Powell
71-72Thu, Apr 13, 1972BecketJohn Powell
72-73Thu, Oct 05, 1972KismetBob Bannister
72-73Fri, Nov 03, 1972Amahl And The Night VisitorsBob Bannister
72-73Thu, Nov 09, 1972The HostageGary Montgomery
72-73Fri, Dec 01, 1972A Holiday Evening With Buddy Greene And Frank Brenner 
72-73Thu, Jan 11, 1973Promenade, All!Gary Montgomery
72-73Thu, Feb 08, 1973Dames At SeaBob Bannister
72-73Thu, Mar 15, 1973To Be Young  Gifted And BlackBob Bannister
72-73Thu, Apr 12, 1973Forty CaratsGary Montgomery
72-73Tue, May 01, 1973The Apple TreeBob Bannister
72-73Thu, May 10, 1973CompanyBob Bannister
73-74Thu, Oct 11, 1973FolliesBob Bannister
73-74Thu, Nov 08, 197313 Rue De L’amourGary Montgomery
73-74Thu, Nov 29, 1973The Apple TreeBob Bannister
73-74Thu, Jan 03, 1974Kabuki Dancers – Shozo SatoShozo Sato
73-74Tue, Jan 15, 1974The Beggars Opera – City Center Acting CompanyGene Lesser
73-74Tue, Jan 22, 1974Measure For Measure – City Center Acting CompanyJohn Houseman
73-74Thu, Feb 14, 1974My Sweet CharlieBob Bannister
73-74Thu, Mar 14, 1974You Can’t Take It With YouBob Bannister
73-74Wed, Apr 03, 1974Messiah ’74 
73-74Thu, Apr 18, 1974A Doll’s HouseGary Montgomery
74-75Tue, Oct 08, 1974SugarBob Bannister
74-75Thu, Nov 14, 1974The Last Of Mrs. LincolnGary Montgomery
74-75Thu, Jan 09, 1975Five On The Black Hand SideBob Bannister
74-75Wed, Feb 05, 1975The Curious SavageGary Montgomery
74-75Tue, Mar 04, 1975Love’s Labour’s Lost – Royal Shakespeare Company 
74-75Thu, Mar 20, 1975High Button ShoesBob Bannister
74-75Tue, Apr 08, 1975He That Plays The King – Royal Shakespeare Company 
74-75Thu, Apr 17, 19756 Rms Riv VuCarol Bacall
74-75Wed, May 07, 1975Everyman – Guthrie Theatre 
74-75Tue, May 13, 1975She Stoops To Conquer City Center Acting Company 
74-75Fri, May 16, 1975The Time Of Your Life – City Center Acting Company 
74-75Fri, May 16, 1975The Three Sisters – City Center Acting Company 
74-75Tue, May 20, 1975Edward II – City Center Acting CompanyJohn Houseman
75-76Thu, Oct 09, 1975SeesawGary Montgomery
75-76Tue, Nov 11, 1975Gilgamesh – National Theatre Of The Deaf 
75-76Tue, Nov 11, 1975Parade – National Theatre Of The DeafLarry Arrick
75-76Thu, Nov 20, 1975The Blue BirdDan McNally
75-76Thu, Jan 08, 1976PurlieEric Hughes
75-76Sat, Jan 31, 1976EmilyGary Montgomery
75-76Thu, Feb 26, 1976Philadelphia Here I ComeGary Montgomery
75-76Tue, Mar 16, 1976Mummenschanz 
75-76Thu, Apr 01, 1976The CrucibleGary Montgomery
75-76Tue, Apr 27, 1976Tom Jones – Loretto-Hilton Repertory Company 
75-76Wed, Apr 28, 1976Desire Under The Elms – Loretto-Hilton Repertory Company 
75-76Thu, May 20, 1976Paint Your WagonGary Montgomery
76-77Tue, Oct 05, 1976Children’s Letters To God – National Theatre Of The DeafDavid Hays
76-77Tue, Oct 05, 1976Four Saints In Three Acts – National Theatre Of The DeafDavid Hays
76-77Tue, Oct 05, 1976The Harmfulness of Tobacco – National Theatre Of The DeafDavid Hays
76-77Thu, Jan 13, 1977Auntie MameGary Montgomery
76-77Fri, Mar 18, 1977The Kitchen – The Acting Company 
76-77Sat, Mar 19, 1977The Way Of The World – The Acting Company 
76-77Tue, Mar 22, 1977Love’s Labour’s Lost – The Acting Company 
76-77Thu, Apr 14, 1977Don’t Bother Me I Can’t CopeBuddy Butler
76-77Thu, May 19, 1977Man Of La ManchaGary Montgomery
76-77Fri, Oct 21, 1977CandideGary Montgomery
76-77Fri, Nov 18, 1977Wait Until DarkDavid Ode
77-78Thu, Oct 13, 1977Oliver!Gary Montgomery
77-78Thu, Oct 27, 1977Chapeau – The Acting Company 
77-78Fri, Oct 28, 1977King Lear – The Acting Company 
77-78Sat, Oct 29, 1977Mother Courage – The Acting Company 
77-78Thu, Nov 10, 1977Camino Real – The Acting Company 
77-78Thu, Nov 17, 1977Murder Among FriendsBev Newcomb
77-78Thu, Jan 19, 1978Sherlock Holmes And The Affair Of The Amourous RegentGary Montgomery
77-78Thu, Feb 23, 1978Defiant IslandBuddy Butler
77-78Fri, Mar 10, 1978All Summer LongGary Montgomery
77-78Fri, Apr 14, 1978Animals Are Passing From Our LivesGary Montgomery
77-78Thu, May 18, 1978Canterbury TalesGary Montgomery
78-79Wed, Sep 27, 1978PippinGary Montgomery
78-79Wed, Nov 01, 1978The Brownsville RaidBuddy Butler
78-79Wed, Dec 06, 1978HarveyGary Montgomery
78-79Wed, Jan 17, 1979Born YesterdayBev Newcomb
78-79Wed, Feb 28, 1979Tambourines To GloryBuddy Butler
78-79Wed, Apr 04, 1979Hot L BaltimoreBob Wells
78-79Fri, May 18, 1979A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The ForumGary Montgomery
79-80Fri, Sep 14, 1979Arsenic And Old LaceBev Newcomb
79-80Fri, Oct 19, 1979Death of a SalesmanBob Wells
79-80Fri, Jan 11, 1980The WizBuddy Butler
79-80Fri, Mar 21, 1980Last Of The Red Hot LoversBev Newcomb
79-80Thu, May 22, 1980Jesus Christ SuperstarBob Wells
80-81Fri, Sep 12, 1980Sly FoxBob Wells
80-81Fri, Oct 24, 1980Guys And DollsBuddy Butler
80-81Fri, Jan 16, 1981The Glass MenagerieBev Newcomb
80-81Fri, Feb 20, 1981Same Time  Next YearBev Newcomb
80-81Wed, Apr 15, 1981GreaseBob Wells
81-82Tue, Sep 01, 1981TintypesBob Wells
81-82Fri, Nov 20, 1981Chapter TwoBev Newcomb
81-82Wed, Jan 20, 1982Loose EndsBob Wells
81-82Fri, Mar 12, 1982The Diary Of Anne FrankBev Newcomb
81-82Wed, May 05, 1982El Bravo!Buddy Butler
82-83Fri, Sep 03, 1982TributeBev Newcomb
82-83Fri, Nov 12, 1982The 1940’s Radio HourBev Newcomb
82-83Fri, Feb 04, 1983The Miracle WorkerBob Wells
82-83Fri, Mar 25, 1983Ceremonies In Dark Old MenBuddy Butler
82-83Fri, Apr 15, 1983Home 
82-83Fri, May 06, 1983Annie Get Your GunBev Newcomb
83-84Fri, Sep 16, 1983Sweeney Todd  The Demon Barber Of Fleet StreetBob Wells
83-84Fri, Nov 04, 1983Snoopy!!!Bev Newcomb
83-84Fri, Feb 03, 1984The LarkBev Newcomb
83-84Thu, May 03, 1984StoryvilleBuddy Butler
84-85Fri, Nov 16, 1984A Christmas CarolBob Wells

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