The Bonfils Theatre was opened in 1953; it was the brainchild of philanthropist and Denver Post newspaper owner Helen Bonfils. “Miss Helen”, as she was frequently referred to, and a small group of supporters founded the Denver Civic Theatre in 1929. The company was dedicated to producing high quality plays with amateur local community talent on the stage. The original company shared the theater in Margery Reed Hall with the University of Denver theater department. After 145 productions in their shared space, it was finally time for the DCT to have their own space.

Miss Helen acquired the land at 1425 Elizabeth St for the theater shortly after World War II ended, but due to material shortages, construction couldn’t begin until the early 1950’s. The theater was designed by architect John K Monroe, who had been working as chief architect for the Archdiocese of Denver. As Miss Helen was a major donor to the Catholic church, it seemed a natural fit for him to design the theater. There is a good Wikipedia article on the Bonfils that discusses some of the history of the construction and the social impact the theater had on the community. The theater opened with a grand gala in October, 1953.

In addition to the Main Stage productions, the theater began producing children’s plays in its second year of operation. A full season of at least six Main Stage productions and four Theatre for Children productions occurred every year from 1954-1983.

The Denver Post Opera had been a popular outdoor summer activity in Denver’s Cheeseman Park from 1934 to 1972. After Miss Helen died in 1972, funding for the opera stopped. Not wishing to deprive the city of outdoor theatrical performances, Henry Lowenstein, producer at the Bonfils Theatre, created a new program of performances in city parks: Festival Caravan. Beginning in summer of 1973, a traveling stage was constructed and taken to several city parks each summer. Festival Caravan presented musical reviews and plays from 1973-85. In 1975, “Colorado Quest”, a play about the roots of Colorado history, toured to seven cities all around the state.

In 1976, Bo-Ban’s Cabaret was opened in the basement off the lower lobby. Seating up to 80 patrons, Bo-Ban’s presented small-cast productions of musical reviews and comedies. In all, 43 productions were mounted in this intimate space.

Prior to the theatre’s closing in 1985, the Bonfils Theatre was renamed the Lowenstein Theatre after longtime designer/producer, Henry Lowenstein. At its peak, Bonfils Theatre was “the” theatre in the 1950’s and ’60s and ’70s. Each Main Stage opening night was a big social occasion!

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Below is a list of all Bonfils Theatre productions in all venues:

SeasonVenueTitleDirected By
53-54Main StageGreen Grow the LilacsAlexander Ivo
53-54Main StagePortrait in BlackAlexander Ivo
53-54Main StageI Remember MamaAlexander Ivo
53-54Main StageTobias and the AngelAlexander Ivo
53-54Main StageGigiAlexander Ivo
53-54Main StageThe Moon Is BlueAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageThe Love of Four ColonelsAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageAffairs of StateAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageLife With MotherAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageBell, Book and CandleAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageThe Winslow BoyAlexander Ivo
54-55Main StageTime Out For GingerAlexander Ivo
54-55For ChildrenToad of Toad HallJoanne Healy
54-55For ChildrenThe BluebirdMargaret Perry
54-55For ChildrenThe Thirteen ClocksAnne Matlack
54-55For ChildrenThe Tinker’s TrickWilliam Utter
55-56Main StageHarvey With Joe E. BrownBradford Hatton
55-56Main StageThe Remarkable Mr. PennypackerAlexander Ivo
55-56Main StagePicnicAlexander Ivo
55-56Main StageThe Two Mrs. CarrollsAlexander Ivo
55-56Main StageThe RainmakerAlexander Ivo
55-56Main StageThe Importance of Being EarnestAlexander Ivo
55-56Main StageThe Frogs of SpringAlexander Ivo
55-56For ChildrenRumpelstiltskinArthur Steinits
55-56For ChildrenThe Magic SupperHelen Chancellor
55-56For ChildrenJack and the BeanstalkHelen Barrack
55-56For ChildrenAladdin and the Wonderful LampHelen Barrack
56-57Main StageFather of the BrideAlexander Ivo
56-57Main StageThe InnocentsAlexander Ivo
56-57Main StageAs You Like ItAlexander Ivo
56-57Main StageMrs. Gibbons’ BoysAlexander Ivo
56-57Main StageLadies of the JuryAlexander Ivo
56-57Main StageRobertaAlexander Ivo
56-57For ChildrenSnow White and the Seven DwarfsJim Edson
56-57For ChildrenHansel and GretelJim Edson
56-57For ChildrenThe Pied Piper of HamelinJim Edson
56-57For ChildrenThe Red ShoesJim Edson
57-58Main StageThe Solid Gold CadillacAlexander Ivo
57-58Main StageWill Success Spoil Rock Hunter?Alexander Ivo
57-58Main StageThe MousetrapAlexander Ivo
57-58Main StageInherit the WindAlexander Ivo
57-58Main StageThe Loud Red PatrickAlexander Ivo
57-58Main StageThe Pajama GameAlexander Ivo
57-58For ChildrenBeauty and the BeastAlexander Ivo
57-58For ChildrenThe Steadfast Tin SoldierJim Edson
57-58For ChildrenThe Clown Who Ran AwayTom Neet
57-58For ChildrenTom Sawyer’s Treasure HuntTom Neet
58-59Main StageNo Time For SergeantsAlexander Ivo
58-59Main StageCat On A Hot Tin RoofAlexander Ivo
58-59Main StageWill Any Gentleman?Alexander Ivo
58-59Main StageMissouri LegendAlexander Ivo
58-59Main StageThe Happiest MillionaireAlexander Ivo
58-59Main StageGuys and DollsAlexander Ivo
58-59For ChildrenThe Marvelous Story of Puss in BootsTom Neet
58-59For ChildrenCathy and the Water SpritesFrancesca Ramanoff
58-59For ChildrenThe King’s CreampuffsTom Neet
58-59For ChildrenThe Musicians of BremenTom Neet
58-59For ChildrenMr. Dooley Jr.Tom Neet
59-60Main StageWho Was That Lady I Saw You With?Alexander Ivo
59-60Main StageSailor BewareAlexander Ivo
59-60Main StageA Touch of the PoetAlexander Ivo
59-60Main StageKind SirAlexander Ivo
59-60Main StageDial M For MurderAlexander Ivo
59-60Main StageKiss Me KateAlexander Ivo
59-60For ChildrenThe Sleeping BeautyThomas Mossman
59-60For ChildrenCircus in the WindThomas Mossman
59-60For ChildrenRumpelstiltskinThomas Mossman
59-60For ChildrenThe Hood of ForgetfulnessLarry Boyette
59-60For ChildrenThe Elves and the ShoemakerThomas Mossman
60-61Main StageMake A MillionAlexander Ivo
60-61Main StageThe Grass Is GreenerAlexander Ivo
60-61Main StageNot in the BookAlexander Ivo
60-61Main StageAnother Part of the ForestAlexander Ivo
60-61Main StageMaybe TuesdayAlexander Ivo
60-61Main StageThe Most Happy FellaAlexander Ivo
60-61For ChildrenThe Princess and the SwineherdJudith Davenport
60-61For ChildrenThe Three 8EarsJudith Davenport
60-61For ChildrenThe Cat PrincessJudith Davenport
60-61For ChildrenSnow White and the Seven DwarfsJudith Davenport
61-62Main StageWatch It SailorAlexander Ivo
61-62Main StageThe Deadly GameAlexander Ivo
61-62Main StageThe Devil’s AdvocateAlexander Ivo
61-62Main StageGlad TidingsAlexander Ivo
61-62Main StageThe Little FoxesAlexander Ivo
61-62Main StagePal JoeyAlexander Ivo
61-62For ChildrenAladdin and His Wonderful LampJack Fisher
61-62For ChildrenThe Hood of ForgetfulnessLarry Boyette
61-62For ChildrenJack FrostAlexander Ivo
61-62For ChildrenThe Clown Out WestRoss Hancock
61-62For ChildrenThe Snow Queen and the GoblinRoss Hancock
62-63Main StageEverybody Loves OpalHarry Geldard
62-63Main StageI Killed the CountHarry Geldard
62-63Main StageRoar Like A DoveHarry Geldard
62-63Main StageAll the Way HomeHarry Geldard
62-63Main StageBlood Sweat and Stanley PooleHarry Geldard
62-63Main StageWonderful TownHarry Geldard
62-63For ChildrenThe Mystery RocketRoss Hancock
62-63For ChildrenRobin HoodRoss Hancock
62-63For ChildrenHansel and GretelBob Davis
62-63For ChildrenToby TylerBob Davis
63-64Main StageEmily GriffithHarry Geldard
63-64Main StageDear DelinquentAlexander Ivo
63-64Main StageThe Dark At the Top of the StairsAlexander Ivo
63-64Main StageSunday in New YorkAlexander Ivo
63-64Main StageDeath of A SalesmanHarry Geldard
63-64Main StageHocus PocusHarry Geldard
63-64Main StageSail AwayHarry Geldard
63-64For ChildrenMy Sister the DragonBob Bannister
63-64For ChildrenThe Red ShoesBob Bannister
63-64For ChildrenCircus in the WindBob Bannister
63-64For ChildrenThe Inside-Out AdventureBob Bannister
64-65Main StageThe Ponder HeartDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65Main StageCalculated RiskDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65Main StageGideonDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65Main StageHoliday For LoversDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65Main StageCome Back Little ShebaDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65Main StageBells Are RingingDr. Edwin L. Levy
64-65For ChildrenKing Arthur’s SwordBob Bannister
64-65For ChildrenWinnie-The PoohBob Bannister
64-65For ChildrenThe Emperor’s New ClothesBob Bannister
64-65For ChildrenThe Clown Who Ran AwayBob Bannister
65-66Main StageEnter LaughingHarry Geldard
65-66Main StageLove’s A LuxuryHarry Geldard
65-66Main StageDark of the MoonHarry Geldard
65-66Main StageBoeing BoeingHarry Geldard
65-66Main StageThe Desperate HoursHarry Geldard
65-66Main StageAnything GoesHarry Geldard
65-66For ChildrenPuss in BootsBob Bannister
65-66For ChildrenJack in the BeanstalkBob Bannister
65-66For ChildrenThe Canterville GhostBob Bannister
65-66For ChildrenThe Rabbit Who Wanted Red WingsBob Bannister
66-67Main StagePoor RichardHarry Geldard
66-67Main StageLife With FatherHarry Geldard
66-67Main StageA Case of LibelHarry Geldard
66-67Main StageA Rainy Day in NewarkHarry Geldard
66-67Main StageCatch Me If You CanHarry Geldard
66-67Main StageSilk StockingsBob Bannister
66-67For ChildrenBeauty and the BeastBob Bannister
66-67For ChildrenThe Three BearsBob Bannister
66-67For ChildrenFive in A ForestBob Bannister
66-67For ChildrenThe Wrong Mother GooseBob Bannister
67-68Main StageFinian’s RainbowBob Bannister
67-68Main StageThe ManBob Bannister
67-68Main StagePrivate Ear and Public EyeJim Edson
67-68Main StageEmlyn Williams as Dylan Thomas Growing UpNone
67-68Main StageCome Blow Your HornSob Bannister
67-68Main StageA Raisin in the SunBob Bannister
67-68Main StageA Delicate BalanceJim Edson
67-68Main StageCritics ChoiceBob Bannister
67-68For ChildrenThe Mystery RocketDick Chauncey
67-68For ChildrenThe Sleeping Beauty of LorelandDick Chauncey
67-68For ChildrenThe Cat PrincessDick Chauncey
67-68For ChildrenCenter Ring BalletDick Chauncey
67-68For ChildrenHarkee the CatFreidann Parker
68-69Main StageGypsyBob Bannister
68-69Main StageA Far CountryBob Bannister
68-69Main StageA Servant of Two MastersBob Bannister
68-69Main StageNight of the IguanaJim Edson
68-69Main StageBarefoot in the ParkBob Bannister
68-69Main StageThe Tiger and the TypistsBob Bannister
68-69Main StageHogan’s GoatJim Edson
68-69Main StageThe Impossible YearsBob Bannister
68-69For ChildrenMaggie’s Magic TeapotDick Chauncey
68-69For ChildrenCircus in the WindDick Chauncey
68-69For ChildrenThe Thwarting of Baron BolligrewDick Chauncey
68-69For ChildrenThe Inside-Out AdventureDick Chauncey
68-69For ChildrenMother Goose RockFreidann Parker
69-70Main StageHow To Succeed in Business Without Really TryingBob Bannister
69-70Main StageSummertreeRobert Downing
69-70Main StageUnder the Yum Yum TreeBob Bannister
69-70Main StageTiger, Tiger Burning BrightBob Bannister
69-70Main StageI Remember MamaRobert Downing
69-70Main StageThe Royal Hunt of the SunBob Bannister
69-70Main StageThe Odd CoupleRobert Downing
69-70Main StageCelebrationBob Bannister
69-70For ChildrenWinnie the PoohBev Newcomb
69-70For ChildrenAlice in WonderlandDick Chauncey
69-70For ChildrenPippe LongstockingBev Newcomb
69-70For ChildrenThe Red ShoesDick Chauncey
70-71Main StageAround the World in 80 DaysBob Bannister
70-71Main StageSheep On the RunwayBarry Lorie
70-71Main StageThe Time of Your LifeKendrick A. Wilson
70-71Main StageCeremonies in Dark Old MenBob Bannister
70-71Main StageEmlyn Williams as Charles DickensNone
70-71Main StageThe Boys in the BandDr. Edwin L. Levy
70-71Main StageThe Cactus FlowerBob Bannister
70-71Main StageThe Prime of Miss Jean BrodieGary Montgomery
70-71Main StageYour Own ThingBob Bannister
70-71For ChildrenThe Wizard of OzBev Newcomb
70-71For ChildrenPinocchioDick Chauncey
70-71For ChildrenThe Wrong Mother GooseBob Bannister
70-71For ChildrenBenji and the Magic PawnshopBev Newcomb
71-72Main StageFiddler on the RoofBob Bannister
71-72Main StageThe Night Thoreau Spent in JailGary Montgomery
71-72Main StageAny WednesdayBob Bannister
71-72Main StageHadrian the SeventhGary Montgomery
71-72Main StageAdaptation – NextBob Bannister
71-72Main StageTaming of the ShrewJohn Powell
71-72Main StageBecketJohn Powell
71-72Main StageThe Student PrinceBob Bannister
71-72For ChildrenPeter PanBev Newcomb
71-72For ChildrenSnow White and the Seven DwarfsDick Chauncey
71-72For ChildrenThe Invisible PeopleBev Newcomb
71-72For ChildrenKing Arthur’s SwordDick Chauncey
72-73Main StageKismetBob Bannister
72-73Main StageThe HostageGary Montgomery
72-73Main StageA Holiday Evening With Buddy Greene and Frank BrennerNone
72-73Main StageAmahl and the Night VisitorsBob Bannister
72-73Main StagePromenade, All!Gary Montgomery
72-73Main StageDames At SeaBob Bannister
72-73Main StageTo Be Young, Gifted Ano BlackBob Bannister
72-73Main StageForty CaratsGary Montgomery
72-73Main StageCompanyBob Bannister
72-73Main StageThe Apple TreeBob Bannister
72-73For ChildrenTom SawyerBev Newcomb
72-73For ChildrenPippe LongstockingBev Newcomb
72-73For ChildrenFive in A ForestGary Montgomery
72-73For ChildrenA. Sop’s Fables Ballet and How the Toes GoesBev Newcomb
72-73For ChildrenA Horse of A Oiff’rent ColorBev Newcomb
73-74Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: * Schyleen Qualls M.C.  * John Mccallum, Pianist  * Kurt Goletz and the Big Band  * Ballet Folklorico Mexicano De Graciela TapiaNone
73-74Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: * Schyleen Qualls, M.C.  * Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble  * Jimmy Carter, Folksinger  * Keith Avedon’s Survival Mass With Family Jam and Inner City ChoirNone
73-74Main StageFolliesBob Bannister
73-74Main Stage13 Rue De L’amourGary Montgomery
73-74Main StageThe Apple TreeBob Bannister
73-74Main StageKabuki Dancers O Shozo SatoNone
73-74Main StageThe Beggar’s Opera – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
73-74Main StageMeasure For Measure – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
73-74Main StageMy Sweet CharlieBob Bannister
73-74Main StageYou Can’t Take It With YouBob Bannister
73-74Main StageMessiah ’74 Colorado Concert BalletUnknown
73-74Main StageA Doll’s HouseGary Montgomery
73-74Main StageThe Red MillBob Bannister
73-74Main StageThe Owl and the PussycatBob Bannister
73-74For ChildrenWinnie the PoohBev Newcomb
73-74For ChildrenTarradiddle Tales (Preshow By Mel Reum)Bev Newcomb
73-74For ChildrenRip Van WinkleBev Newcomb
73-74For ChildrenJack and the BeanstalkBev Newcomb
73-74For ChildrenThe Red MillBob Bannister
74-75Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: * Jodi Randall * The Rudy Garcia Band * Los Pregoneros Del Puerto * The Trujillo Dancers * Andres NeidigM.C.
74-75Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: * United Mime Workers * Jim Turner, Saw Player * Ron Henry and Pride * Schyleen Qualls, M.C.M.C.
74-75Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: Ti-Jean and His Brothers (Black Arts West Of Seattle)Buddy Butler
74-75Main StageSugarBob Bannister
74-75Main StageThe Last of Mrs. LincolnGary Montgomery
74-75Main StageFive On the Black Hand SideBob Bannister
74-75Main StageThe Curious SavageGary Montgomery
74-75Main StageLove’s Labour’s Lost – The Royal Shakespeare CompanyUnknown
74-75Main StageHigh Button ShoesBob Bannister
74-75Main StageHe That Plays the King – The Royal Shakespeare CompanyUnknown
74-75Main Stage6Rms Riv VuCarol Bacall
74-75Main StageGuthrie Theater – EverymanUnknown
74-75Main StageShe Stoops To Conquer – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
74-75Main StageThe Time of Your Life – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
74-75Main StageThe Three Sisters – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
74-75Main StageEdward II – City Center Acting CompanyUnknown
74-75Main StageBits of JunkBob Bannister
74-75For ChildrenThe Three BearsBev Newcomb
74-75For ChildrenThe Wizard of OzTom Hughes
74-75For ChildrenGolliwhoppers1Bev Newcomb
74-75For ChildrenThe Thirteen ClocksTom Hughes
75-76Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Colorado QuestBob Bannister
75-76Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: * Standing Bear Sioux Indian Dancers * Ron Henry and Pride * Cleo Parker Robinson Dance EnsembleNone
75-76Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: * El Teatro Campesino  * El Fin Del MundoNone
75-76Main StageSeesawGary Montgomery
75-76Main StageNational Theatre of the DeafNone
75-76Main StageParade the Blue BirdDan McNally
75-76Main StagePurlieEric Hughes
75-76Main StageEmilyGary Montgomery
75-76Main StagePhiladelphia Here I ComeGary Montgomery
75-76Main StageMummenschanzNone
75-76Main StageThe CrucibleGary Montgomery
75-76Main StageTom Jones – Loretto-Hilton Repertory CompanyUnknown
75-76Main StageDesire Under the Elms – Loretto-Hilton Repertory CompanyUnknown
75-76Main StagePaint Your WagonGary Montgomery
75-76For ChildrenBeauty and the BeastTom Hughes
75-76For ChildrenDandie DoodlesBev Newcomb
75-76For ChildrenThe Cat PrincessTom Hughes
75-76For ChildrenRapunzel and the DragonBev Newcomb
75-76For ChildrenWhat’s Afoot?Colorado Concert Ballet
76-77Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: * El Teatro Campesino * La Carpa De Los RasouachisNone
76-77Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: Vaudeville * Al Fike, M.C. * Mike and Barbee  * Trio Flamenco * Arch Jeffries Magician * Dick Kroeckel Ragtime Piano  * The Centennial Town Band and Marching SocietyNone
76-77Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: * Red, White and Blues  * Black Arts West of Seattle, WashingtonNone
76-77Main StageFour Saints in Three Acts – National Theatre of the DeafNone
76-77Main StageThe Harmfulness of Tobacco – National Theatre of the DeafNone
76-77Main StageChildren’s Letters To God – National Theatre of the DeafNone
76-77Main StageCandideGary Montgomery
76-77Main StageWait Until DarkDavid Ode
76-77Main StageAuntie MameGary Montgomery
76-77Main StageMy Fat FriendGary Montgomery
76-77Main StageCamino Real – The Acting CompanyUnknown
76-77Main StageThe Kitchen – The Acting CompanyUnknown
76-77Main StageThe Way of the World – The Acting CompanyUnknown
76-77Main StageLove’s Labour’s Lost – The Acting CompanyUnknown
76-77Main StageDon’t Bother Me I Can’t CopeBuddy Butler
76-77Main StageMan of La ManchaGary Montgomery
76-77CabaretWhat’s A Nice Country Like You Doing in A State Like This?Bev Newcomb
76-77CabaretJoie De VivreBetsy Maxwell
76-77CabaretEat Your Heart OutBev Newcomb
76-77For ChildrenPinocchioBonnie Eckard
76-77For ChildrenThe Red ShoesMichael Holden
76-77For ChildrenRitaHarriet Lawyer Duvallo
76-77For ChildrenSkupper·DuppersBonnie Eckard
76-77For ChildrenThe Golden Grotto, Or Bracko, the Frog PrinceMichael Holden
77-78Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Shango De ImaBuddy Butler
77-78Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: * Puppets, Poetry and Pandemonium  * Danaberry Puppets  * Arina (Sue) Isaacson  * Boo-Lu the Clown  * Lallo: Poetry, Music and Humor  * Circus of Earthly Delights, Featuring: the Swami Amazo and Lady Sasha  * Ballet Folklorico Netzahualcoyotl With El Grupo AztlanNone
77-78Main StageOliver!Gary Montgomery
77-78Main StageChapeau – The Acting CompanyUnknown
77-78Main StageMother Courage – The Acting CompanyUnknown
77-78Main StageMurder Among FriendsBev Newcomb
77-78Main StageSherlock Holmes and the Affair of the Amorous RegentGary Montgomery
77-78Main StageDefiant IslandBuddy Butler
77-78Main StageAnimals Are Passing From Our LivesGary Montgomery
77-78Main StageAll Summer LongGary Montgomery
77-78Main StageCanterbury TalesGary Montgomery
77-78CabaretHarkBev Newcomb
77-78CabaretThe Me Nobody KnowsBuddy Butler
77-78CabaretTalk ShowBev Newcomb
77-78CabaretBy StrouseBob Wells
77-78For ChildrenHeidiBev Newcomb
77-78For ChildrenThe Ice WolfBonnie Eckard
77-78For ChildrenAladdin McfaddinAlan Deans
77-78For ChildrenNiccolo and NicoletteBonnie Eckard
78-79Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: * The Me Nobody Knows * Pre-Show: Paratakki OreeBuddy Butler
78-79Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: * Primavera Ballet Folklorico Netzahualcoyotl With El Grupo Atzlan  * Schyleen Qualls, M.C.None
78-79Main StagePippinGary Montgomery
78-79Main StageThe Brownsville RaidBuddy Butler
78-79Main StageHarveyGary Montgomery
78-79Main StageBorn YesterdayBev Newcomb
78-79Main StageTambourines To GloryBuddy Butler
78-79Main StageHot L BaltimoreBob Wells
78-79Main StageA Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the ForumGary Montgomery
78-79CabaretThe ClubBev Newcomb
78-79CabaretJacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in ParisBonnie Eckard
78-79CabaretThe IslandBuddy Butler
78-79CabaretSizwe Banzi Is DeadBuddy Butler
78-79CabaretHold MeBob Wells
78-79For ChildrenHans Christian AndersonBev Newcomb
78-79For ChildrenNoah and the Great AukAlan Deans
78-79For ChildrenPippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
78-79For ChildrenMystery RocketAlan Deans
79-80Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Chronology Cuatro EpocasBuddy Butler
79-80Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: The Sounds of SummerBuddy Butler
79-80Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III:  * For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is EnufBuddy Butler
79-80Main StageArsenic and Old LaceBev Newcomb
79-80Main StageDeath of A SalesmanBob Wells
79-80Main StageThe WizBuddy Butler
79-80Main StageLast of the Red Hot LoversBev Newcomb
79-80Main StageJesus Christ SuperstarBob Wells
79-80CabaretThe MandrakeBob Wells
79-80CabaretVanitiesBev Newcomb
79-80CabaretIn the House of BluesBuddy Butler
79-80CabaretThe Ascent of Mount FujiSusan Ross
79-80Cabaret2 By 5Bev Newcomb
79-80For ChildrenYou’re A Good Man, Charlie BrownAustin O’Toole
79-80For ChildrenThe OvercoatBonnie Eckard
79-80For ChildrenGolliwhoppersBev Newcomb
79-80For ChildrenWiley and the Hairy ManBuddy Butler
80-81Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Daystar Indian TheatreNone
80-81Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: in the House of BluesBuddy Butler
80-81Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: Dance, Denver DanceNone
80-81Main StageColorado BalletUnknown
80-81Main StageBallet Folklorico NetzahualcoyotlUnknown
80-81Main StageCleo Parker Robinson Dance EnsembleCleo Parker Robinson
80-81Main StageSly FoxBob Wells
80-81Main StageGuys and DollsBuddy Butler
80-81Main StageThe Glass MenagerieBev Newcomb
80-81Main StageSame Time Next YearBev Newcomb
80-81Main StageGreaseBob Wells
80-81CabaretNew Faces of 1980Bev Newcomb
80-81CabaretPiano BarBob Wells
80-81CabaretIsadora Duncan Sleeps With the Russian NavyBob Wells
80-81CabaretPaul RobesonBuddy Butler
80-81CabaretThe FantasticksBev Newcomb
80-81For ChildrenThe DragonMaria Carrera
80-81For ChildrenLester and His Magic BookAustin O’Toole
80-81For ChildrenCinderella and FriendsBev Newcomb
80-81For ChildrenThe Round-Eyed RumplestilskinBob Wells
81-82Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: WorkingBuddy Butler
81-82Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: The KlezmorimNone
81-82Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: No Maps On My TapsNone
81-82Main StageTintypesBob Wells
81-82Main StageChapter TwoBev Newcomb
81-82Main StageLoose EndsBob Wells
81-82Main StageThe Diary of Anne FrankBev Newcomb
81-82Main StageEl BravoBuddy Butler
81-82CabaretRemembranceBuddy Butler
81-82CabaretSorrows of StephenBob Wells
81-82CabaretTrixie True, Teen DetectiveBev Newcomb
81-82CabaretHomeBuddy Butler
81-82CabaretColeBev Newcomb
81-82For ChildrenWilla the Drop-Out WitchBev Newcomb
81-82For ChildrenThe Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeBuddy Butler
81-82For ChildrenBeauty and the BeastEarl Sennett
81-82For ChildrenIt Happened in HamelinBob Wells
82-83Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: TintypesBob Wells
82-83Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: Festival De ColoresNone
82-83Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: Massenkoff Russian Folk FestivalNone
82-83Main StageTributeBev Newcomb
82-83Main StageThe 1940’s Radio HourBev Newcomb
82-83Main StageThe Miracle WorkerBob Wells
82-83Main StageCeremonies in Dark Old MenBuddy Butler
82-83Main StageHomeBuddy Butler
82-83Main StageBlagoevgradBulgaria Theater Festival
82-83Main StageAnnie Get Your GunBev Newcomb
82-83CabaretAin’t Misbehavin’Buddy Butler
82-83CabaretComing AttractionsBob Wells
82-83CabaretWaiting For the ParadeBev Newcomb
82-83CabaretWallenbergBob Wells
82-83CabaretMarch of the FalsettosBob Wells
82-83For ChildrenAlice in WonderlandBob Wells
82-83For ChildrenNobody Loves A DragonBuddy Butler
82-83For ChildrenThe Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda MariaBuddy Butler
82-83For ChildrenThe Red ShoesBev Newcomb
83-84Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Ain’t Misbehavin’Buddy Butler
83-84Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: The Dondines Dancers of the AmericasNone
83-84Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: AvazNone
83-84Main StageSweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet StreetBob Wells
83-84Main StageSnoopy!!!Bev Newcomb
83-84Main StageThe LarkBev Newcomb
83-84Main StageStoryvilleBuddy Butler
83-84CabaretI’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the RoadBev Newcomb
83-84CabaretDracula: the MusicalBuddy Butler
83-84CabaretStatus Quo VadisBob Wells
83-84CabaretBlues At SunriseBuddy Butler
83-84CabaretBeyond TherapyBob Wells
83-84For ChildrenOz – Land of MagicBuddy Butler
83-84For ChildrenThe Inside-Out AdventureKhadija Haynes
83-84For ChildrenPeter and the Wolf Children’s Repertory BalletKhadija Haynes
83-84For ChildrenThe Lost Half-HourBob Wells
83-84For ChildrenThe Magic Pebble GangBev Newcomb
84-85Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: Is There Life After High School?Buddy Butler
84-85Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: Carib-Tokyo Steel Orchestra with the Prince Rupert DancersUnknown
84-85CabaretThe Gilded CageUnknown
84-85CabaretThey’re Playing Our SongUnknown
84-85CabaretBubbling Brown SugarBuddy Butler
84-85CabaretThe Actor’s NightmareBob Wells
84-85CabaretSister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For YouBob Wells
84-85CabaretWhat A Nice Country Like You STILL Doing In A State Like This?Bev Newcomb
84-85For ChildrenPinocchioBev Newcomb
84-85For ChildrenTales Of Arabian NightsUnknown
84-85For ChildrenPippi LongstockingBev Newcomb
84-85For ChildrenThe Adventures Of Tom SawyerUnknown
84-85For ChildrenA Christmas CarolBob Wells
85-86Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show I: One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien años de soledad)Unknown
85-86Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show II: Bubbling Brown SugarBuddy Butler
85-86Festival CaravanFestival Caravan Show III: Broadway in the ParkCleo Parker Robinson & Buddy Butler
85-86For ChildrenHeidiBev Newcomb
85-86For ChildrenA Christmas CarolBob Wells
85-86For ChildrenPuss in BootsBuddy Butler
85-86For ChildrenTreasure IslandBob Wells
This list was compiled from information that was on Henry Lowenstein’s computer. We have done our best to assure its accuracy, but will appreciate any feedback you have for errors or omissions.

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  1. Owl and the Pussy Cat was not a children’s show the best I recall

    1. I got that fixed – thanks for noticing and letting us know! The Owl and the Pussycat was an unusual production that was added in at the end of the season. It was a two-actor show that featured radio personalities Charlie and Barney from KHOW (I think KHOW – correct me if I’m wrong!) -Eric

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